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The 365 Photo Workshop

“A photo a day”

This workshop will help you to refine you photography by taking a photo every day for a year. We will meet once a month until the project is complete. At the end of the year your photos will be professionally printed and bound in your own photo book.

Committing to a photo a day is a real challenge. It forces you to look at your own photography with a new eye and push it beyond what you had previously imagined. Photography like anything else requires you to continually learn, taking pictures every day keeps it fresh. It tells the story of your life and your travels and helps you to become a better photographer. Meeting with the group to share what you have done will give you new insight into your life and those around you.

In our monthly sessions we will review your work and explore ways to make it better. We will look at camera technique, lighting, and developing your creative eye.

We meet on the first Tuesday of each month.This is an ongoing group and you may join the group at any point that you would like.

Cost $165.00 Cost of book is extra.

We meet on the first Tuesday of the month from 6:30 – 8:30 pm

365 Photo Workshop