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Lighting and Portraiture

Having proper an adequate lighting and an understanding of how to pose a model is vital for excellent portraiture. In this instructor-led workshop, we will teach you creative and applicable techniques to enable you to start shooting captivating portraits in a variety of situations.During this one day workshop, we will explore the nuances of light and how it applies to portraiture.The instructor will lead demonstrations with models and then with a little guidance, give you the opportunity to take your own portraits. The techniques and materials used in this class will give you the knowledge and skills necessary to create your own home-based studio to begin taking your own portraits.

Topics and what to expect during the class:
• We’ll discuss different ways of finding good locations at home for portraits and how to light them.

• We’ll talk about and even experience photographing in a studio environment.

• You’ll learn about the different types of professional strobe equipment as well as using strobes and soft boxes with diffusers and umbrellas.

• We’ll attempt to understand the human face, and how positioning the face can make all the difference.

• We’ll briefly discuss the importance of make-up and how it can change an image.

• You’ll learn how slight adjustments of light can be controlled to flatter the subject.

Digital 1 or equivalent camera knowledge is required for this course.

On hold for now. New dates coming soon!