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The Print Makes the Photo Real!

The Denver School of Photography is happy to offer you full printing services. We believe that a photograph is a physical object, and we are here to help make the transition from file to paper as easy as possible. Following are our tips and guidelines.

Monitor Calibration

Each print begins with a digital file viewed on your monitor. Every monitor is different and changes over time, so it is important to keep your monitor calibrated to give you a view that is as close to output reality as possible. Investing in a colorimeter will greatly enhance your print quality and your control of your images.

Also keep in mind that a good print will only come from a good original file. An image that is poorly exposed or has an incorrect color balance cannot be fixed during the printing process. Again, having a properly calibrated display on your monitor is the best way to ensure that your print turns out how you want it.

File Format

Files can be sent through WeTransfer.com to Jeffrey@tdsop.com

All files must be in JPEG or TIFF format, with a resolution of 300dpi. Files can be left with the original image number, but must include the print size you want.
For example: IMG_530_ImageSize.
Your image MUST be cropped to the print size you are requesting.

Prices and Sizes

Payment and Pickup

We require a full 24 hours to print your photos from the time we receive your files. We cannot accept last minute prints. Photos will be ready at  600 Downing St. Payment is required at pickup.

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