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About the Denver School of Photography

The Denver School of Photography is a dream and an extension of my passions. Since I got my first taste of photography it has changed and filled my life with amazement and wonder. I think about it while I drive, dream about it at night, and play with it during the day.

When I started, I can remember watching my photos come up in the darkroom in the developer and being so excited that I would forget the time and wind up being there until the wee hours printing. As time passed, I also realized that I love teaching just as much. It is an amazing thing to watch a student have those “ah ha” moments that I have had in the past and watch their passions blossom.

Photography holds something different for everybody that chooses to go down that path. For some it is just being able to take a great travel or family photo. For others, it is being able to produce great works of art. Whatever you are seeking to explore, it is, and should be a fun and great adventure. My hope is that I never stop learning about photography and hope that you can find that same passion. Being able to stand in front of a class is an honor and I hope that I can continue to have the privilege of sharing what I have learned and experienced with you. Welcome to the adventure of photography and The Denver School of Photography.


Jeffrey Rupp
The Denver School of Photography

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